"Mediumship has a purpose, and that is to demonstrate to man that he is not just a physical being, but that he is part spirit, that this life is but an apprenticeship for the greater and fuller life that commences with the physical death."
(Harry Edwards)


Mediumship is not fortune telling !

Have we lived before…….Millions of people living on earth believe so. Hindus and Buddhist religions all teach that life is sacred and that we have lived before and will come back again.
We believe that we are living the consequences of our past lives right here, right now and that we are creating the lives we will live in the future by our thoughts, words and deeds.

To prove that life is continuous trained mediums  communicate with loved ones who have passed on, guides and angels.
The word medium covers
Claire voyance.... to see clearly
Claire audience.... to hear clearly
Claire senticance feel clearly
And the highest form of mediumship is intuitive mediumship

Glenda is a certified medium working spiritually and psychically with your guides and her guides. Your appointment not  only goes down in her diary but also in "diaries" of your dearly departed, both sets of guides and of course Archangles and Angels,  in fact the room can really get quite crowded! Glenda will not tell what you WANT to hear, sometimes the things we NEED to hear are very different from what we WANT to hear.

In your reading you will get to know who your guides are, which angel, goddess or ascended master is working with you. Remember that God gave us  all free will, whether you choose to take the guidance offered is your choice.

The main difference between spirit energy and psychic energy is, the first is the divine essence of the person, while the second is the communicative and receptive powers of the person.


Not only did I feel like I had known Glenda a lot longer than an hour!, which was so comforting, but her connections with the Angels and what they relayed was inspirational. Before we met, I was feeling very low and did not know which way to turn. Having met with Glenda, I now feel like I have strength to move forward both with work and with my relationship.   Debbie  from Stoke Poges


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