Angel Therapy™ is a combination of Angelic Healing and Angel Readings.

A complete Angel Therapy Session™ can last for up to two hours, where  you will be connected to the Angels and Archangels through a gentle vibration of love.

Everyone has guides and Angels waiting in the wings to support them in their daily lives, during the Angel reading you can connect with deceased loved ones and pets as well as your guides and Angels.

Angels and guides are magnificent energies who are there to inspire you and gently push you forward so you can achieve your  goals. Goals that were  set by you before living your present life on  Earth helping you to overcome past life karma and creating the life that you are due to  lead in your next life, that's if you need to come back to mother earth to experience lessons still to be learnt!

As you live your life your spirit guides that are working with you progress too. Some have come to learn with you as well as guide you. Spirit  guides change, As with your friends . Some leave you after short while, others stay with you for years. Guides are souls who have walked on this Earth Plane and until recently it was rare for a deceased love one to be a guide, however, the earths vibration is changing and new portals have opened, and now blood relatives who have passed and earnt the right to be your guide can choose to do so if accepted at your soul level.

Angels are higher energy beings who have never walked the Earth Plane (except Metatron and Sandlephone).

During the session you can expect to:

Connect with your angels for Divine Guidance in your life purpose, career, health, relationships, finances.

Communicating with deceased loved ones to prove that life is continuous.

Cord cutting to remove ties to persons, places or things in current and past lives so you can walk separately yet together.

Energy balancing - clearing and balancing of aura and chakras.

After your Angelic Therapy™ Session you should feel

Lighter and brighter and more connected to your own personal empowerment.

Proof and evidence that your deceased loved ones are near you.

A deeper understanding of our own pathway in life.
Stronger in Mind, Body and Soul


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