H.V.H - Higher Vibrational Healing

Sheer  means Transparency Inspiration  means  Sudden Creativity

Was I divinely inspired to create SheerInspiration the simple answer is YES!

One day during a healing session in Slough Spiritualist Church I was chatting away to my guides and Angelic helpers when I received the following information:-

I heard “if your car needed repairing would you take it one day to have the oil changed, another day to have the brakes looked at and yet another day for the windscreen wipers to be replaced. “No”. I guess not I answered.
 “Then why do people seek healing from different practitioners – by seeing a Reiki Healer one day / a spiritual healer the following week and maybe followed up by an Angel Therapist some way further down the line”?

“Don’t know - Good Point ”….I thought

As you and I are just a conduits, channellers of and for healing it makes sense, Angels are omnipotent we know that – they can be in more than one place at a time.As well as using our Reiki Healing in the traditional way we can call on our Reiki Grand Masters to be present at a healing session if we so desire – we also know that spiritual healing comes from a source of energy higher than ourselves.

Another question from them upstairs

 “Why then don’t you consolidate all of the healing energies you have learnt – allowing “Us” to all work together rather than separately and you can call this Higher Vibrational Healing”
Not being one to question! (Don’t spill your coffee at this point!)…I took some time - thought about it for about a second (whilst continuing to serve healing on a wonderful person.) Decided not only did it make sense, but just think of the possibilities that this would open up on the healing world.
A quick word to my fellow inspirational healers – and hey presto Higher Vibrational Healing (HVH) was born.
Now I’m not saying that we were the only group on the planet to receive this or that we were the first healers to use combined energy like this, but as far as I knew back in 2004 in a little church in the middle of a bunch of garages at the back end of slough a small miracle had occurred!

Imagine how stoked was I that not only had I received this instruction but I heard it clearly, concisely and specifically – that wonderful noiseless voice in your head – that clearly inspires us all, if only we just listen or should I say
"Sheerly " Inspired me.


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