We shape ourselves the joy or fear
Of which the coming life is made
And fill or future's atmosphere
With sunshine or with shade
The tissue of the Life to be
We weave with colours all our own,
And in the field of Destiny
We reap what we have sown……
We live our lives again!
Or warmly touched or coldly dim
The pictures of the Pat remains,-
Man's words shall follow him

John Greenleaf Whitter

What is Past Life Regression?

Hypnosis has now come of age….. it is a science which gently moves you from the level of consciousness we work in every day, to a level of sub-consciousness by using non- suggestive probing questions rather than suggestive questioning. We are working with a deep knowledge and YOU are in control all the time. By using this method you can resind both time and space, recall and relive distant memories, some from very ancient times.

A large amount of clients report an emotionally charged event from times gone by, of which the essence is still troubling their lives today, i.e. fear of heights, undiagnosed pains in the body, illnesses that come back life time after life time, which if you go to the source you can understand why and how these problems came about.

Why would you want to ???

Do you have an aliment that orthodox medicine cant seem to fix?,
Have a pain in your back, legs, or anywhere in the body?
Past life regression will enable you to return to a place in time where you may have sustained and Injury. We can release the pain, clear the area, and by allowing your energy to flow freely again, you can heal in this life time.

Are your relationships D. O. A. before they have even got started?

Vows that were never rationally intended to carry over from life time to life time, can hinder your relationships in this life time. How would you like it if you could sub-consciously feel your lovers past partner in their aura, not allowing you to get close, or allowing them to commit to you?

We gently move these souls on, to a place of healing loving light, thus allowing you move on too.

People find these experiences both profound and moving, each session allows you your own personal growth and you will feel lighter and brighter.

Past Life Clearing will enable you to return you to a place in time  where you may have sustained an energy block. These blocks can prevent us from reaching our true potential in this life time . It may seem like you are on a merry go round facing again and again problems in relationships be they personal or professional that we had thought we had dealt with. But, there they come again raising their little nasty heads throwing us off track!


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